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Interesting Facts about the Common Dirt Bike Graphics

Graphic used on bikes serves as aftermarket add-ons. In addition to this, they play a significant role in keeping the bikes look new as well as protecting the plastic. This is the main reason why you find many people riding bikes that represents their sponsors. This article is going to help you understand the basics of dirt bike graphics and the best ways of taking care of them.

Different Types of Dirt Bike Graphics Kits

There are different types of models of motorcycles that riders can chose from on the current market. This is also true for the decal and graphics department which have various types of bike graphic kits. Let have a look at these kits in detail.

Pre-Printed Backgrounds

These are custom dirt bike graphics that come ready to stick on with the rider’s number designed for them. Riders have plenty of options which they can customize to give their bikes the desired look. Gone are the days when people had to make sure that their number pates are evenly lined up with their numbers. These models are model specific, meaning that riders must submit the information needed about their bike models when placing their orders.

Full Kit

These are extensive kits that include the basic graphics for airbox portion, radiator shrouds, rear fender, front fenders, seat cover, fork tubes, swingarm, fork guard, and universal backgrounds. Graphics for the seat cover and universal backgrounds depends on the kit chosen.

Trim Kit

Some of the common trim kits include rear and front fender decals. You can also find some fork tubes, swing arms and airbox decals that come with trim kits. Riders can get graphics that meet their needs by browsing through the available options.

Radiator Shroud Kit

The radiator shroud kits include the common air box decals and sometimes the shroud graphics as well.

Universal Background Kits

These kits were trendy before the introduction of custom backgrounds. They were mainly designed for vintage bikes, custom applications and riders looking for protective covers for their bike’s plastic. Most people preferred using generic blank grounds with an outline for style points.

How to Install and Take Care of Your Dirt Bike Graphics

These are some few things that riders must keep in mind to enhance the appearance of their graphics. For instance, they should learn the easiest ways of installing them. You should remove the old decals before installing new ones. When installing a new graphic, you should use either rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner to get rid of the manufacturing oil residue. During the installation process, you should ensure that the plastic and graphics are correctly aligned.…