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The Many Facets of Twitter

Twitter may be considered as the most multi-faceted of all the social media networks. Whether you want to use it to communicate, be entertained, promote your platforms, or many other things that social media can do, twitter can do so much. In today’s world, where everything seems to be within arm’s reach, Twitter has genuinely done its part.

Currently, Twitter has more than 145 million active daily users, with more than 500 million tweets each day.  These statistics show just how much trust Twitter is getting from all its users. This is because Twitter can be the following as you would want it to be.

Twitter as a Marketing Tool

twitter marketingDo you know that 66% of large American companies have Twitter accounts and that 58% of them have more than 100,000 followers? This shows that Twitter is a trusted network by more marketers. Indeed, the non-exclusivity of Twitter makes it an ideal platform for marketers because it is easier to reach more people and influence them into buying their product and services. By constantly monitoring Twitter trends, a marketer can gauge the success rate of his campaign strategies to increase awareness of his products. Indeed, Twitter is the best platform for networking because the possibility of connecting to more people is boundless.

Twitter as an Entertainment Medium

Most people who are into social media use these platforms for entertainment purposes. In the case of Twitter, you can also do live streaming like other networks. You can watch live sports matches and others that interest you.

Probably, one of the entertainment features of social media networks is photo and video sharing. Those with Twitter accounts can enjoy these two activities just like those with Facebook, Instagram or other platforms. To get the most of this entertainment option, you have to search and follow those who are into photo and video sharing so that you can always have them in your timeline. Indeed, you can always enjoy your idle moments if you are a Twitter user.

lapttopTwitter as a Communication Tool

While it is true that Twitter is non-exclusive, it can be used on a personal level to connect to family and friends. And of course, you send your message to all your followers through tweets and be tweeted back just the same.

Twitter as Source of Information

As long as there is an internet signal, you can get all the news you want all over the globe. You can also see reactions of the world’s top leaders on certain issues by following.

Indeed, there are many ways on how to use twitter to achieve our goals. Use it wisely, and you will get there.…