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Tips for Choosing an HSR Training Center

As we all know, health and safety are integral in workplaces. This is the reason why health and safety representatives play an essential role in workplaces. Being an HSR is a fulfilling yet challenging role. Therefore, one must undergo the necessary training before being elected as a health and safety representative. An HSR assement is mandatory before being elected.

If you have plans on becoming a health & safety representative, the first course of action is to find an institution that offers training for becoming a health and safety representative.


Keep in mind that one must have undergone HSR training three months before the election. This means that you must look for an HSR training center as soon as possible. Of course, not every training center you come across is the same. This is the reason why you must do your homework before coming up with a decision. In this article, we have provided some tips for choosing an HSR training center.

Ensure It’s the Right Course

To begin with, ensure that you get the right course. This is because most training centers offer a wide array of courses. Therefore, there is always a chance of picking the wrong course. Be proactive when talking to the institution’s representative. Moreover, see to it that you take the initial course because that’s a pre-requisite before being allowed to take the next course.

Find Out the Schedule

Next, you need to find out the training schedule before making any commitments. Ensure that the schedule is not in conflict with your work or other important responsibilities. More often than not, training centers provider HSR training once a month.

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Find out about the exact date of the training. In most cases, the initial training will take four days to complete. If the schedule fits your existing schedule, make sure to book for a slot as soon as possible. It is also essential to ensure that the institution will not cancel the training if they do not meet the target number of students. Otherwise, you will need to postpone your training.

Know the Cost

One more vital factor to consider when looking for an institution that offers HSR courses is the cost. Of course, you would want to opt for a training center that offers pocket-friendly cost. However, ensure that you prioritize quality over affordability. For instance, a training center might offer cheap training, but they do not have sufficient equipment. On the other hand, another training center might be more expensive, but they have an extensive range of plant equipment. Of course, it is advisable to pick the latter, as you will have comprehensive training with them.…