Tips for Choosing the Best Cigar

Nowadays cigars have entered the mainstream culture, and are used by many people. Smoking cigar was, in the past, a symbol of power and wealth. However, nowadays, it is very affordable and acceptable for anyone to buy a good cigar. You have to be confident that you are purchasing a good quality cigar that you will enjoy. You can get the best cigar at scotchcigars.com. Here are some tips for buying your first cigar.

Visit the Local Specialist

When you visit your local tobacco specialist, you will have a wide range of cigar selection and the best quality. Ensure you don’t buy a cigar from a grocery store or drugstores. Although they may be expensive and convenient places to buy, the cigars usually are full of preservatives, and their quality is poorer than those at specialty shops.

At the specialty shop, ask to buy cigars made of 100% tobacco. You can ask the salesperson if you are inexperienced about the cigar ingredients. At these shops, you will be allowed to touch the cigar and smell, you can squeeze the cigar, and if it gives a little smell, then you are sure it is of good quality.

Look at the Wrapper

Another vital thing to consider when buying a cigar is the wrapper. In case you realize any signs of discoloration or drying on it, you would help if you do not buy that one. The wrapper needs to be tightly wrapped around the cigar and smooth. Additionally, you need to inspect the tobacco color to ensure the color is even all through. A little color variability is allowed, but if the changes are too much, the cigar is likely not rolled properly. If it is not correctly rolled, you will end up with and unpleasant smell and uneven burning.

Consider the Length

If you are not sure if you are a light or heavy cigar smoker, it is advisable to go for a longer cigar. This is because longer cigars usually have a good taste and are a perfect choice if you are a beginner. For expert and regular smokers, you can opt for thicker cigars. These types of cigars will display richer flavors that you will appreciate as a smoker.

If you want to smoke a cigar, it would be wise to buy one that suits you. And the end of the day, it all boils down to your preference. These tips will help you get the best cigar.