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Expert Guide to Choosing the Best Vape Juice Flavor

If you’re new to vaping, choosing the right flavor can an overwhelming task. However, choosing the right flavor could depend on you because the market filled with a wide variety of this essential vaping ingredient. So here is an expert guide to choosing the best vape juice flavor.

What’s a Vape Juice?

To begin with, you must know precisely the ingredients contained in your vape juice. The two main components contained in your vape juice include:

  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) – This thick and sweet natural extract is mainly made from vegetable oil. This is why most vaporizers with VG often form thick fluffy clouds.
  • PG (Propylene Glycol) – An organic glycerol mainly made from a petroleum by-product; propylene oxide
    Moreover, most vape juices also contain nicotine and flavors. It’s important you look at the nicotine strength in your vape juice. If you’re an immediate ex-smoker, go for a vape juice with a higher dose as you gradually reduce. This dramatically reduces the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

Besides, you should also check the type of flavoring contained in your vape juice. Checking the flavor is very important because this could determine whether or not to continue vaping.

Types of Flavors

Therefore, what are the main types of e-liquid flavors? Well, first and foremost, you need to try them out. Here are the main categories:

1. Single Flavored

Single flavored vape juice is arguably the most popular type because it comes in an array of tastes ranging from fruit to cakes. That said, watermelon and strawberry are the most popular options. Besides, you can go for banana, pineapple, mango, grape, peach, berries of citrus fruits.

Furthermore, food flavors such as cereal or French toast are available. I know this one must sound appealing to you because you also get to inhale your favorite meal.

2. Tobacco Flavored

vape deviceThis one should be a straight forward option since most ex-smokers are familiar with tobacco flavor. Even though most people consider tobacco as a bad thing, it’s an incredibly delicious flavor in your vape juice. This is why most e-juice manufacturers have tobacco flavor.

That said, you’ll enjoy your daily vaping without the toxic chemicals, tar and carcinogens mostly found in cigarettes. To make it even better, there are tobacco flavorings that match your preferred cigarette. Note that this flavor is essential especially when you’re trying to quit smoking.

3. Multiple Flavors

It’s possible that you don’t find the exact type of flavor that suits your needs. Well, you don’t have to personally mix the different types of flavors to satisfy your taste buds. You can find a lot of blended vape juice flavors online. If you’re confident about your blending abilities, you can make one by yourself at home or start with these sweet juices for cloud chasing here.

4. Candy Flavor

Now, who doesn’t love candies? Besides having a smooth throat, you’ll enjoy maximum flavor and versatility. Also, it’s like you’re back to your childhood experience with this flavor. You don’t even have to worry about the cavities or the sugar crash.

5. Hig VG Vape Juice

High VG vape juice is on a different class when it comes to sub-ohm vaping and delivering intense flavors. However, finding the right high VG vape juice could turn out to be a daunting task. A wrong juice will leave a burnt taste, especially when vaping at a higher voltage/wattage. That said, you’ll end up losing the flavor because this e-juice is not meant to withstand a lot of heat.

To sum it up, there is at least one vape juice flavor that you’ll definitely like. However, you don’t have to go out of your way trying out all the available flavors. Therefore, merely use this insightful guide when choosing your next vape juice flavor.…